Milkyway Rising

Mythic Photoshoot-Undine

I really wanted to get one last photo shoot in before I headed north to Alaska.  So I and one of my dearest friends journeyed into a hidden corner of Beaverton, Oregon, to a little stream with a little waterfall in a tiny gulch to try and capture a Nymph.

For this shoot, I was inspired by the Greek Myths of the Naiad, elemental water spirits that resembled beautiful women and lived by running fresh water.  The style and composition of the paintings of John William Waterhouse were also a big influence for this one.  

John William Waterhouse

I've found that I really like having some kind of prop as a focal point for portraits.  With water being a theme for this shoot, this old crystal ball I had hanging around the house provided some fun effects to play around with.

Thanks for taking a look! I miss my Portland friends but I can't wait to see what fun photo adventures await in the land of glaciers and whales!! 

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