Milkyway Rising

6-8-16 Mythic Photoshoot-Nyx

Here's a fun little photoshoot I did with my wife in the woods.  If you'd like to skip the story and go straight to the photos...follow this link-Nyx-Goddess of the night

There's a woman in the wood, she wanders through each night holding her lamp high.  If you follow from a distance you can hear her singing to the strays who shine in the air all around her.  They shimmer in the dusk and gather around her.  

The stray sunbeams swirl into her lamp and bed down for the night.  They trust her as if she were their mother. For she is far older and wiser than she looks.

She's had many names...The Egyptians called her Nepthys, the Norse named her Nott.  The Greeks called her Nyx. Lady of the Night.  Bride of Darkness.  Mother of Day, of the Sun; Mother of all.

You've heard of her.  You've probably walked with her before without even knowing it.   

That doesn't mean you can trust her. You shouldn't get too close.

For the Night serves many but has no master.  She'll give way to darkness, but hold on to the tiniest starlight.  She'll deceive her husband and let the sun dance longer.  She'll betray her children and gather them quickly, to make the darkness hurry to her.

In the end her motives will always be her own.  You can never truly know the Night.  It'd be safer to stay in when the light begins to fall.  

But if you feel like taking a chance, you never know what she might have in store for you...


My interest in this shoot was twofold. I wanted to test out some special lenses I recently scavenged on eBay (Soviet Lenses for the win!!) and I wanted to experiment with a more stylized portrait shoot.  So my wife being the abiding beauty that she is, volunteered her and her wedding dress for the night. Okay, threefold, she really wanted to wear the dress again.

The lens, the Helios 44m-7, is quite a finicky old cudgel.  But the swirly, oil like quality that the bokeh renders at small apertures really worked to the benefit of this shoot, since I ended up wanting to emulate paintings of William Bouguereau and others like them.  

Let me know what you think!  I really like this kind of process and I'm excited to see what we come up with next!