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6-24-16 Dangerous Dames-Erica and Havilah

I've always been crazy about the moody film-noir look in movies and photos. Casablanca, Citizen Kane, The Third Man, even more modern stuff like Blade Runner. Once you know the signs, the signature of this style is everywhere. So here's a fun exercise in the macabre! Follow the link to skip the story and go straight to the gallery... 

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Hera was a dutiful wife.  All the neighbors knew it.  And  yet they shook their heads and gossiped and laughed at her.  

"He doesn't deserve her, " they chuckled.  "So many excuses, so many times he's broken her heart. So many little nymphs he snuck behind her back while she was away." 

They laughed.  They feigned concern. They loved every minute of it.  The perfect, happy couple. As gentle and beautiful a love as you've ever seen.  A nuclear bomb waiting to go off. It made them feel better.

"Someday, " they whispered with anticipation. "He'll push her too far."

The night it happened was like so many others.  With the loving wife away on business for days, someone else let herself into the apartment.  Someone else poured cocktails and wine. Someone else waited with breathless yearning for her lover to come home.

But someone else opened the door. Someone the little nymph didn't expect.

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She had meant to talk of course.  She had wanted to have a civil conversation.  But she couldn't hear the little harlot over the din of her laughing neighbors.  Or the clamor of passing years wasted in lies. All she heard was the sound of spilled wine and broken glasses, late nights and absent apologies, hollow promises shattering on the ground beneath her feet. 

Only one sound could silence all the others. Maybe two. A gun. A scream.

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And when it was done, in the silence, she could breathe at last.  It was as if she'd been drowning, holding herself underwater for all these years.  She felt calm, carefree, happier than she'd ever been.  No one was laughing down the hall.  They whispered in fear. They crouched in panic. They ran. To the police, to the newspaper, to her loving husband himself.  

And when he got home, they would have the first honest conversation of their marriage.  


Oh what a fun little shoot! I'm blessed to have such beautiful and talented friends(especially my lovely nymph Mrs. Erica Browitt)  I was most excited about getting to play around with lighting to get the mood right. We used a custom made window blind gobo on a single tungsten omni light to project a harsh window light on the living room, aided by a couple table lamps.  It was a simple set up but I really like the look that we got in camera.  After that I spent a minimal amount of time in Lightroom finding the right color combinations to create both the color and the black and white images.

Thanks so much for reading! As always I love hearing what you think!

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