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Software Review: "Through the Woods" by Sleek Lens

If the blank page is a tyrant than an idle camera can be a crucible. And an unedited photo, sitting in lightroom, staring at you with all its pent-up potential can be equally frustrating. That’s why, when I can’t do everything I want to in camera, I’m always on the lookout for new tools to inspire and aid me in my quest to capture the memories and sights that I encounter in my life.

Most of my image editing takes place in Lightroom, and I’m a mad tweaker(not like that), a frantic experimenter. I love to find the little details that I didn’t see at the time, hidden away in the crevices of each .raw file. This time around I’m chatting about a neat little workflow I had the chance to use recently, aptly named “Through the woods” by Sleek Lens which is where I spend most my time with my camera. Full disclosure, I’m not being paid to talk about it, but they did send me a copy to check out. And my updated toolset is grateful indeed.

Original straight out of camera

Original straight out of camera

Through the Woods is a set of adjustment brushes and presets arranged in a recipe fashion. You get several choices of “All in one” ready-made looks that are pretty cool and can work in many circumstances, but they’re meant to be the starting points. The fun starts in the next steps.

As you head down the preset list you have adjustments in every category from color to brightness to clarity. These allow you to take that starting point and tweak it before you venture off the safe path of the preset to the tangled swamp of sliders and curves. The adjustments are also very targeted and stackable, so adding more contrast with one won’t undo the autumn colors that you really liked with another. There are also several brush presets as well that allow you to bring out all the little details you want your viewers to focus on. Like any good workflow, Through the Woods works best not as an all in one solution, but as an inspiration and starting point for your own unique adjustments that every new photo will require. The workflow does come with a bunch of ready-made preset recipes to get you started as well.

Original photo straight out of camera

Original photo straight out of camera

My favorite part of this is certainly the brush presets. I love the ability to accentuate patches of golden (or purple in the case of Alaskan sunsets) light to really bring out the memory of a moment that wasn’t quite captured in-camera. It’s an equally cool tool when you want to bring clarity to a focus point or even a little bit of haze to an area. I’ve really enjoyed playing around with this workflow and I’m sure it will remain in my arsenal for many imports to come.

Check out this preset here: Through the Woods Preset and their other products at

They also offer a photo editing service if you want to spend less time behind the screen!

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